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Amerigo Benedettelli Program Manager



Audio engineer and artistic supervisor who follows musicians and singers in each part of their creative process.

Currently, I have been studying audio engineering at Sae institute based in Milan. At the same time I have been working for different singers and musicians.
I’m particularly interested in psychoacoustic. In fact, I would like to take a master course after my Bachelor of Arts in Audio production.

People think that power is contained in their own forces, but sometimes forget about the value of sharing. I like working with people who share with me the same goals and passions. I am often too straight with my colleagues. This is because I always find sharing one’s opinions or point of views incredibly valuable to achieve perfection in each project.

I love the world of entertainment. In the past I have enjoyed Deejaying and making songs with Ableton Live.

Nowadays, my team and I are organising winter and summer events in Bari (south of Italy). Our aim is to donate the earnings to different charities which provide education for children. Last year we gave 2.141 euros to “Student for Humanity” to allow one African girl to finish her high school.

If I can help you, please contact me

Skills: Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, ProTools operator, AbletonLive operator, Problem solving, Computer, contemporary music, event management, critical thinking

Pro Tools / Produzione musicale/ Mixaggio dell’audio/ Project management/ Organizzazione eventi/ Installazione software


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